Introduction to BeyondGrid:

Hi my name is Clinton O’Neill. I am the founder and CEO of BeyondGrid Energy. Thank you for your interest in becoming energy independent. I want to start by giving you a little background on my experience and the evolution of BeyondGrid Energy and why we are different then a typical solar contractor.



My career in the Solar Industry began in 2008 in Hawaii as a key executive of a startup venture named Island Pacific Energy. The company was a finance provider that pioneered the adoption and deployment of PPA’s for non-profit entities throughout the state. A PPA is short for Power Purchase Agreement. We would work with non-profit organizations to secure financing to own and operate Solar Energy Facilities selling them the power at a lower rates then the utility for a set term allowing them to save on utility costs and take ownership of the system with little to no up front costs at the end of the term. This was at the time a breakthrough model because non-profits don’t pay taxes, leaving them unable to take advantage of the tax incentives and rebates given to Solar Energy Facilities. As a private entity we were able to structure financing for the system to be built and we were able to take the tax credits to help fund the project and then continue to own and operate the systems selling the power.

The organization grew quickly into a full service owner/operator/development company offering system sales to non-profits, commercial clients, and residential homeowners. Our suite of services included feasibility, financing, engineering, permitting, utility coordination, construction, commissioning, and operations & maintenance.


The Island Effect:

With a foundation rooted in Hawaii we were exposed to rapid growth and rapid change. On a quarterly, sometimes monthly basis we had to be prepared and nimble to support our customer base and industry to stay at the leading edge of the market. As an isolated grid Hawaii has transitioned its DER (distributed energy resources) deployments into a non-export environment due to circuit saturation and excessive grid-tied PV back feed. This meant that any Solar Energy Facility must be sized to ensure that its production is completely self-consumed by the property, and must be integrated with approved technologies to prevent the system from exporting overproduction to the utilities electric grid. The secret sauce to maximize payback, and saving for customers was Energy Storage. This transition was fast, complex and fascinating from a technical engineering and economic perspective, we were pushed Beyond the Grid.

The Opportunity:

Fast forward to now. BeyondGrid Energy was founded to solve the critical issues and challenges that are presented when the utility grid becomes our backup source of power. As consumers you now have the ability to take control of your energy costs. Energy consumption and production can be managed as an owned asset. You can create your own “Island” becoming self sufficient. BeyondGrid understands the considerations that need to be taken to put your residence, business, or property in a strong position to take advantage of the rapidly evolving Solar and Energy Storage marketplace as we decouple from the utility grids as our primary source.


The Benefit:

Going beyond the grid allows  homeowners and business owners to control energy costs which have historically escalated and are now becoming less reliable. By working towards a self-consumption/non-export model that utilizes the utility grid as a backup source consumers are able to choose Solar and Energy Storage solutions that meet there budgets, provide resiliency, and maximizes savings. 

BeyondGrid is manufacturer and equipment agnostic, meaning we focus on the needs of the client and help them identify the best systems for their unique circumstances. We’re not installing standardized systems to meet quotas and targets, we are catering to our customers objectives and goals.

Our Services:

Your investment will only be as reliable as the time you devote to ensure it is properly designed, installed and managed. BeyondGrid Energy understands that the upfront work put into designing and engineering your system greatly increase the longevity and productivity it will have through its lifecycle. How the system connects and interacts with your home/business are critical to ensure functionality. BeyondGrid Energy develops, engineers, installs, and maintains Solar Energy and Energy Storage systems.


Energy on Your Terms.